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Getting Started

What is Vafpress Framework?

a powerful, flexible and extensible Options, Metabox and Shortcode Generator Framework.

Vafpress Framework will take cares of the admin side complexity in building a Wordpress theme or plugin, letting you to focus in building awesome looking and highly customizable theme by providing easy yet powerful way to build.

The beauty of Vafpress Framework isn't just on how it looks, but on how it will change they way you build things, Vafpress Framework won't dictates everything about how an option should works, instead it provides developers a rich set of tools and customization to achieve the functionalities needed.

Built with OOP paradigm in mind, we hope it will be easy for anyone to understand and extend the code. You can even contribute to its development, since it's open source after all. Fork our github repository now, we are really looking forward to seeing more people contributing.

Who's behind this?

Vafpress Framework is a project authored by Vafour to expand our WordPress-related products, make sure to check them out at Vafpress :)


Is it free for both personal and commercial uses?
Yes. It's an open source project and released under GPL License. You can even contribute to its development.

How to update my current version to latest version?
For library version, simply replace everything in your wp-content/themes/[your-theme-folder]/vafpress-framework with the latest version package. As for the plugin version, simply update the plugin.

I've found an error / bug, what should I do?
Sorry, we might have missed noticing it. Please report it to the github repository.

I need help, where should I go?
Good news, we have a support forum.

I have a request for non-existed features...
We love feedback from our users. If your requested features are really good and having clear purpose, we may cover it in the next released version.